Lenten Devotional 3/17/19

March 17, 2019                          Mark 3:31-4:9                         Carole Adams

I often think of this passage and what it means to be a “sower.” 

During Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Oak Hill, I think of all the “sowers” we had who participated in leading our children.  Some lead in the opening to tell what the scripture was for the day.  Some taught crafts, some read Bible stories, some played games, and some helped prepare the “snacks.”  The Bible story of the day was carried throughout all of the stations the children went through.  In addition, there were the wonderful crew leaders in charge of the same group of children  (crew) each day who took them through these stations.  And the music!  How the children loved the music, singing and dancing to the songs in the sanctuary.  (We had rented a large screen TV so all of the children could see the words and dance moves for the songs.)  Our “sowers” were 16 to 80 years of age.  Each had their own talent and excelled in what they did.

During the “Time for Growing Young Disciples” on the Sunday following VBS the children told about what they had learned during the week.  The pastor made the comment, “I don’t think I need to preach a sermon today, the children have done it for me.”

I have no idea what has happened to all of those children who attended our VBS.  I do know that seeds were planted.  I don’t know if some fell on the path, if some fell on hard rock, if some fell in the thicket, or if some fell on good ground.  I think we have to remember that we were the “sowers” and not the “grower.”  We have to leave the growing to God, and keep on sowing.

Prayer:  Our Heavenly Father.  Please help us to continue to tell your story to our children so they may grow in your word.  Amen