First Time Visitors

Welcome! We are so glad you are thinking about checking us out! Whether you are new to the area, newly exploring your faith, considering returning to the church, or just curious, we are happy to welcome all!
Coming to a new church for the first time can be a little confusing or intimidating or just different, so we’ve tried to answer some FAQs here to make it easier on all our communion sunday 2014

When is worship? 
Our service starts at 10:30am (or as soon as the pastor gets herself together after Sunday School).

What is worship like? 
Our service is fairly traditional in format, but casual in style. We provide a worship bulletin so you can follow along. All of the readings and prayers are provided in the bulletin, and it is noted there when to stand or sit or sing, but really, we won’t judge if you don’t want to join in all our jumping around! We are led by a pastor, a liturgist (a reader), and a music minister. We pray, read two passages from the bible, hear a sermon, sing, and pray and sing some more. The service is usually about 1 hour in length, but a bit longer when we have communion (the first Sunday of every month). If you want to study up before you show up, you can read some of our pastor’s sermons and check out a recent worship bulletin online on the News and Happenings section on this website.

And what is the deal with communion? 
We share in communion on the first Sunday of every month and at certain special services throughout the year. Sometimes we pass the plates through the pews, and other times we walk forward and receive the Lord’s Supper via intiction. (Don’t worry, our worship leaders will give clear instructions.) We always have a gluten-free option.

In the Presbyterian tradition, we welcome all who seek Jesus to the table. You don’t need to pass a test or be a member or meet any age requirement. You are welcome, as you are, at Christ’s table, even the one Jesus prepares here at Oak Hill.

What kind of music will there be?
We have a mix of old school hymns and contemporary songs. We use the PCUSA’s Glory to God Hymnal, but also sometimes select songs from other traditions. Our choir sings a variety of styles, and we often have soloists and instrumentalists. We’ve got an organ and a piano and a pretty rad set of handbells. On communion Sundays we have a bluesy trio that play to jazz it up a bit.

What do people wear? 
We are a come as you are congregation. Some folks will wear suits and hats, others are in their jeans. Just be you and come join us!childrens hour

Where do I park? 
We have a lot on Connecticut St. just west of the church building. There’s also plenty of free street parking on the neighborhood streets.

What about my kids? 
We welcome all children in worship! Each week in worship we have children and youth participate in leadership as banner bearers, acolytes, food donation collectors and even as readers. But don’t worry, we won’t ask your kids to do that on their first visit! Many of our families bring their kids into the sanctuary for the first part of worship, including the children’s message. The children’s message is a time when all the kids who want to come up to the front of the sanctuary for a short lesson aimed just at them. First time kids are welcome to come on up or to stay back and listen from the pews, however they’re most comfortable. Some parents even come up with their little ones! Then some families take the little ones to the nursery (which is available during the entire service if you prefer) and other kids stay in the sanctuary for the entire service. It’s totally up to you and your kid(s). There are children’s bulletins available for kids that have coloring activities and puzzles to keep little hands busy during the “boring” parts. For those who want to use our volunteer-staffed nursery, we should admit, it is a little hard to find. If you’d like to take your child to the nursery on your first visit, please feel free to ask someone to show you where to go! They’ll be glad to take you there.

Are you going to make me sign forms?
No. We do have a fellowship sheet in each pew. During the offering we sign in and if you like you can put your mailing or email address there. We won’t bombard you, though! It’s just if you want updates from us. If you don’t, no pressure, just leave it blank.

Are you going to make me stand up and identify myself in the middle of the service? 

Flowering the cross, Easter at Oak Hill
Flowering the cross, Easter at Oak Hill

No. You can be a secret visitor. It’s okay. But, if you are up for conversation, please join us for coffee and snacks in the basement after worship. We try to be friendly, not scary!

What about you building’s accessibility? 
We have a gorgeous, historic old building, which is code for, this place is not super accessible. You’ll notice that most of our members enter through the door on the west side of the sanctuary (to the left of those big, awesome red doors) on Connecticut St. We have a chair lift that anyone with accessibility needs may use to get to the sanctuary level and to the fellowship area for coffee and snacks after worship.

Where are the bathrooms? 
We have two single-stall, all genders bathrooms, one upstairs behind the sanctuary and one downstairs just past the kitchen. We have a women’s room downstairs on one side of the large assembly room, and a men’s room on the other side.

What if I visit and like it and want to get more involved? 
What?! Wonderful! Amazing! Awesome! We’re so glad you like it here, too! Come and talk with our pastor, Erin and tell her how you’d like to get involved. Sign that fellowship pad in the pew and write down your email address so we can send you updates. Check back to this site for the newsletter and calendar of events. Or just keep coming to worship! We’ll get to meet you and chat and we’ll figure it out together! We are always open to new members and would love to have you join this church family!

What if I have more questions?
Yes! Good. We love curious folks. Please come and ask questions! Or contact our church office at 314-664-5525 or

With Jesus as our guide and community as our goal, we worship, love, serve, and grow.