Lenten Devotional 3/16/19

March 16                                 John 4: 1-16                                   Deb Weithop

When the disciples discovered Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at the well, they were amazed.  Jews should avoid Samaritans. A man should not be alone with a woman. And if they find themselves in that situation, they should not have a conversation.

But Jesus and the woman at the well have a remarkable conversation. She wonders where true worship is found. She is surprised when he reveals that he knows her personal situation. They discuss the meaning of “living water.” Jesus reveals himself as the Messiah and the great “I AM.” After a lengthy discussion, she leaves a true believer and brings many others to the faith.

Through this story, we see that Jesus wants a true relationship with us. He loves us enough to seek us out and welcome us to intimacy. We can learn from the woman at the well to continue conversation with the one who knows us best and can bring us eternal life.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for allowing us to have conversation with you always through prayer.  Give us the wisdom of the woman at the well to ask questions and seek your guidance daily.  Amen