Advent Devotional – Dec. 17

Dec. 17                            Matthew 3:1-12                  Christine Woodward

In Matthew 3:1-12 we learn about John the Baptist and how he is proclaiming to Repent and prepare the way of the Lord.  Advent is a season of preparing for the birth of Jesus.  What better way to prepare for Jesus than to repent!  One word with so much meaning.  The Google dictionary says repenting means “sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.”  I read this verse as turning to God and making good choices.  God loves us and forgives us of our sins.  I find so much hope in this verse about looking toward the future because Jesus is coming to save us all.  Yes, Matthew had to put a bit of Wrath of God in there to remind us what will happen if we don’t listen, but don’t we all need our parents to yell at us to listen once in a while!  This Advent I will remember to prepare for Jesus’ return by turning towards positivity, telling myself to never give up, and being grateful for all of God’s gifts.  Take time to repent this holiday season and find your way to Jesus.

Dear God, thank you for all of the amazing things you do for me.  Lord, I am truly blessed by your generosity.  I am so thankful for my family, friends, and fur babies.  Lord, please forgive me of my sins.  Please help me leave behind my negativity and help me find the beauty of this holiday season.  Amen.