Advent Devotional – Dec. 16

Dec. 16                            Matthew 1:1-8                    Christine Woodward

In Matthew 1: 1-8 we learn of the genealogy of Jesus.  If we cheat a little and read a bit further, we learn in verse 17 that Jesus is the 14th generation and the Messiah.  Sorry to give that away a bit early!  I love history and knowing that Jesus comes from some amazing people we have read about in the Old Testament is amazing and inspiring.  We are all amazing and come from our own inspiring family.  I am blessed to be from some extremely hard working women in my family tree.  My great grandma lived on a farm in Fredericktown.  My grandma worked in a factory to support my sick grandpa while also caring for my mom, brother, and myself.  Family can drive us crazy, but we can learn so much from our history.  Jesus was from the seed of Abraham.  He was God, but he was also just like you and me.  I realize I cannot walk on water like Jesus, but I can show love and compassion for my neighbor.  I also can pray that my water turns into the good wine!  A girl can dream.  No matter what I am I know I am from some great people, and one of them is Jesus who loves and cares for me as his child.

Hey Jesus, it’s me!  Thanks for giving me strong, positive women in my life to learn from and be like.  Lord, give me strength on those days I forget how strong I am.  Thank you, Lord, for always loving me and my neighbor.