Advent Devotional – Day 7

Dec. 5                              Luke 21:5-19                                      Sarah Gibson

SOMETIMES I AM THE STUDENT. Lord, I feel like I am constantly challenged by people that call into question my integrity, honesty, and follow-through. Sometimes it is at work, sometimes it is my children, sometimes it is my spouse, sometimes it is leaders and political figures. I want to retaliate, have the last word, reciprocateā€¦.win. Give me the words and wisdom to be a peacemaker.

SOMETIMES I AM THE PARENT, BROTHER, RELATIVE OR FRIEND. Lord there are times when I call into question the faith of others and I am wrong. Give me the insight to ask for forgiveness and to forgive myself.

THE JOURNEY TOWARD THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NEVER EASY OR COMPLETE. Lord, give me the strength to stand up for what is right in the confusing and messy world we live in. Give me the patience to wait for change and the courage to impact it.