Youth on a Mission…

Our Oak Hill Youth are currently on a mission…. from God!

The Oak Hill Youth have once again joined up with the youth mission team from Arvada, CO for a mission trip right here in St. Louis. Staying together at the Amen House, the teams have already volunteered at a local day care center, dug in the dirt at a community garden, helped with cleaning and painting at an old church about to start a new ministry, played a little human foosball, toured around the U City loop, and had a healthy portion of Ted Drewes treats! With daily devotions, and conversations about race, poverty, community and justice, they are getting serious as well as being serious about service and having fun! Here are a few pics (taken by youth leader extraordinaire, Ms. Christine) from the first couple days of their “trip”!

OHPC Youth Mission2  garden 3    garden  day care organizing organizing 2 painting painting 3 walk of stars  foosballfoosball 2  foosball 3    footpool 2  foot pool