Sacred Conversations on Race

Last month, about 16 of us gathered in a small room to talk openly and honestly about what’s been happening in our community these past few months.  We shared our feelings about Ferguson and listened to others as they shared what they thought about protest and police, community and race, and what we should be doing about all this. There were no solutions put forward, no plan enacted, but we were able to gather as a church family and be real with one another. It was uncomfortable, but somehow also totally beautiful. 

This month, we are starting a series of similar conversations, although this time the talk will be a bit more structured.  Using Metropolitan Congregation United (MCU)’s format, Oak Hill will be participating in a series called Sacred Conversations on Race.  A pair of trained facilitators will visit with us and walk us through some exercises and discussion on race.  All members, attenders and visitors to Oak Hill are invited to participate in any one or all of these conversations.  

There are 4 sessions scheduled:
Sunday 1/25 3pm-6pm Kick-Off event with MCU at SLU’s Cook School of Business (in the auditorium)
Sunday 2/15 12:30pm -3:00pm Conversations on our own experiences with race – at Oak Hill in the Upper Room, lunch and child care provided
Sunday 3/8 12:30pm -3:00pm Conversations on the experiences of others – at Oak Hill in the Upper Room, lunch and child care provided
Sunday 3/15 3pm MCU Gathering for debrief and next steps

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please RSVP to Heather Beckman. Pastor Erin is also glad to talk with anyone who is interested! 
You can read a bit more about the Sacred Conversations on MCU’s website.