Lenten Devotional 4/4/19

April 4, 2019                           Psalm 27                               Rich Weithop

  Jeremiah 22:13-23


The scripture talks about having faith in God and dwelling in the house of the Lord. Be patient. Wait for the blessings of God. The scripture also talks about injustice regarding one of Josiah’s son, Jehoiakim, who constructs his palace at the expense of others.

God is with us through good and bad times. Follow God, and you will be saved and lead a life of purpose.

Times change but God does not change. During some times of my life, life was not going well. The times involved major changes in my work career, and major changes in my life, retirement. God was always with me, and over time life became better. Be patient. Life with get better. Material things are nice, but your biggest reward will be following God and helping others. Regardless of your age, by following God you will be rewarded with peace and happiness. You will also have purpose in life and a reason to look forward to each and every day.


Thank you, God, for always being with us. Help those who are in need of your word. Remind us to do your will. AMEN