Lenten Devotional 4/15/19

April 15, 2019                           Romans 12:9-16                     Joe Bradshaw

 Break down of Romans 12:9-16 revised version 1.2     

So John 12:9 begins with the words ”meanwhile …” which basically means there’s been a lot of stuff going on  in the story up to get to this point, and you need to check it out.  The basic  characters are…Lazarus (walking miracle…Jesus of course (Savior and King)….chief priest (Reigning Authority), the disciples and adoring crowds.  Well the chief priests  are plotting to kill Lazarus, while the  adoring crowds are  rolling out the red carpet for their new king, the disciples (having not yet received the Holy Spirit nor having attended seminary) contemplate on the recent batch of confusing words from Jesus. Jesus humbles himself before the world.   This section ends with the Pharisees saying “This is getting us nowhere”. Behind the scenes, the Pharisees work to devise a better plan (to manipulate the Romans into killing Jesus for them) so they won’t be blamed.   

Prayer, Dear Father, Give us strength and courage to not waver in our adoration of you, while in the face of the “reigning authorities”.