Lenten Devotional 4/11/19

April 11                       John 10:19-42                  Christine Woodward

Reflection:  In John 10 27-30 Jesus lets us know the many blessings he gives us.  The Shepherd’s voice offers us assurance, direction, and learning.  I can hear the Shepherd speaking to me if I take the time to listen.  The Lord of creation knows and loves me.  I am offered direction and guidance in my life.  I am offered the promise of eternal life.  The Shepherd offers me protection and security.  I feel safe and protected because I know I am part of the Shepherd’s sheep.  I know I have a strong relationship with my Shepherd, and they will continue to watch over me.  If I get lost, they will find me and/or patiently wait for me.  This is important in my life since I have struggled with my beliefs when bad things are happening.  Even in these moments of doubt, I know God accepts and loves me.  God will find me again, and our relationship will be even stronger.


Prayer:  Hey God!  Thank you for accepting and loving me.  Thank you for holding me when I am sad.  Thank you for lifting me up when I am in need.  This lent, help us to grow our relationship with you and to listen when you are speaking.