How we are helping

During this time of coronavirus precautions, the Oak Hill Presbyterian Church community is helping by…

Holy Humor Sunday Zoom Worship

1. Staying home!! We have closed our building (with only the exceptions you’ll see below) and we are worshiping online. We’ve cancelled all programming at AMEN St. Louis for the summer. We are doing everything we can to love our neighbors by keeping our germs to ourselves.

2. Supporting Isaiah 58 Ministries food pantry. Volunteers (carefully masked and gloved) have been regularly volunteering to collect, sort, and share donations of food with our neighbors. This past Sunday, we participated in Isaiah 58’s Superhero Sunday, where we hosted a no-contact parking-lot collection site for food donations.

Nan and Bernie packing food bags at Isaiah 58
Superhero Sunday Drive-Up Donation Collection

3. Supporting Food Outreach to our unhoused friends. A group of volunteers working as Tent Mission STL provide meals to the unhoused community in St. Louis every day. On Fridays, we briefly open our building so those volunteers can use the church ovens to heat up donated meals. Everyone loves a fresh hot meal!

4. Holding space for those who need it. When our leadership voted to close the building, they made exceptions for Care and Counseling and for the AA group who meet here. While being as safe as possible, taking every precaution they can, there are some folks who absolutely need to be able to meet in person. Both of these organizations have made efforts to move their meetings online, but there are some appointments that need to be in person, and we are glad to provide that space.

5. We are praying. We pray together on Zoom on Sundays. We pray when we watch silly videos on our FB page. We pray as we make online donations, as we write chalk notes on each other’s steps, we pray when we send a church member or a friend a card. We pray at home in any quiet moment we get. We pray through the noise of this ongoing crisis. We are praying for God’s presence, strength, wisdom, healing, and love to accompany us and guide us through this time.