Epiphany Stars

We celebrated the Epiphany in worship this past Sunday at Oak Hill. In remembering that night long ago when God used a star to reveal the newborn Christ to the world, to the Magi and to all of us, we each grabbed a hold of our own stars. In worship all were invited to pick a star with one word on it. Each of us will journey with that star, with that word all year long- to see where the word moves us in prayer, pushes or pulls us in faith, and how it opens our hearts to God’s call on our lives. We took these stars home, put them in our wallets, on our bathroom mirrors and computer monitors. We pray them daily. We listen and look for them in our community. And we keep looking to the stars, all the stars, all the light, that God sends to pull us closer to Christ, at Epiphany and all year long.


(If you didn’t get a star at worship yesterday and would like one, Pastor Erin still has a bunch of them on her desk. Come by and pick one up, or email her and she’ll pull one for ya!)