Congregational Meeting: 11/23/14

The Session of Oak Hill Presbyterian Church announces a meeting of the congregation.

The Fall meeting of the congregation has been set for Sunday, November 23, following our 11am worship service.  The purpose of the meeting is to receive the Final Budget for 2015, to approve a change involving an increase in the Pastor’s pension for 2015, to act upon a recommendation of session regarding Deacons and/or a Board of Deacons for 2015, and to receive the 2014 Nominating Committee Report, nominating for election the following persons fill positions of leadership in the church:


Class of
Ricardo Johanning

Mary LaTragna

2017 (3 yrs.)

2017 (3 yrs.)

Carolyn Moody

Josh Smith

Joe Bradshaw

Latricia Finley

2017 (3 yrs.)

2017 (3 yrs.)

2016 (2 yrs.)

2015 (1 yr.)

2015 Nominating Committee

Congregational Members-at-Large

Brent Crittenden

Richard Wiethop

Mary Lou Woodward


2015 Personnel Committee

Congregational Member-at-Large

Jeff Dahl


Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any eligible voter (active member).  Any person nominated shall have given advance consent to be nominated.


(A quorum for a congregational meeting at Oak Hill consists of the Moderator, Secretary, and 20 percent [28 active members] of eligible voters.  If we do not have a quorum, the meeting will have to be rescheduled.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that all members of Oak Hill attend the meeting.  Coffee and donuts will be served.)

It is very important to note that there will be donuts at this meeting.  DONUTS!!!
It is very important to note that there will be donuts at this meeting.