Advent Devotional – Day 9

Dec. 7                              Luke 21:20-28                             Richard Wiethop

The scripture tells the story of the persecution of those who follow Jesus and the fall of Jerusalem. The Gentiles act as God’s agents in the destruction and occupation of Jerusalem. This is followed by Jesus providing good news to the Gentiles. There are cosmic signs portending the coming of being saved from sins and the arrival of the Son of Man. The arrival of the Son of Man is nothing less than the coming of the day of the Lord.

Jesus is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is the Supreme Leader. Because of children of God sinning in Jerusalem, he warns them of death and destruction. He advises them to leave Jerusalem. Once the death and destruction are over; he tells them of good things to come if they follow him.

He is like a good parent. He is a teacher, fair, firm, and wise. There are times when the children of God need to be disciplined. Out of this comes growth, compassion, generosity, justice, understanding, and faithfulness. Praise be to God.

Lord thank you for being our teacher. Continue to teach us through your words and actions. Amen