Advent Devotional – Day 12

Dec. 10                                    Psalm 62                                       Matt Hanify

This leaning wall, this tottering fence …

              We have stood when we could, held up roofs and windows and family photos. We have kept away snow and wind and mosquitos. We have stood on the outskirts, keeping in sheep, cattle, goats and whatever we hold dear and keeping out wolves, poachers, poison oak and those things that are “less dear” to us.

              And sometimes we haven’t.

              And in those times, when we couldn’t, when we did all we could and still rain or poachers or mosquitos made their way in, we have had a mighty rock, a refuge, a fortress. In God we put our trust. It’s going to be ok, even when we haven’t done our best or when our best is not enough. Even when mosquitos get in.

We cannot be shaken.