“The Heartland’s Future: How Can We Live Together Better on a Changing Planet?”

BUS-eum Mobile Museum to Visit AMEN St. Louis, Wednesday, April 19, Noon – 5 PM. Located on the parking lot of Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, 4111 Connecticut, St. Louis, MO 63116. The exhibit is free and all are welcome. 

A bus museum you say? Yes! Come visit “The Heartland’s Future: How Can We Live Together Better on a Changing Planet?” This  innovative mobile exhibit about climate change has been created by a group of students from the University of Erfurt, Germany, and is facilitated along with American students and other volunteers. Topics for “Reimagining” include Agriculture, Transportation, Food, Neighborhoods, Housing, Work, Fashion, Energy, Nature, Mental and Physical Health, and Social Justice. 

The team is committed to presenting a diverse array of perspectives and information for your benefit. They want to talk with local residents and invite visitors to engage with new perspectives about how we all might live in an altered climate. 

The mobile exhibit is part of a larger initiative to raise awareness and promote action on climate change. 

Check out their Facebook page to get a peek at the exhibit!



“Per our motto, TRACES projects “bring history to life!” by creating compelling events, with informative and inspiring content.

Per Spuren’s motto, our bi-cultural programs enable audiences a chance not only to “[re-]live history” but to “[re-]live [one’s own or others’] stories.” A word play, “Geschichte(n) leben” also means—roughly translated—we “bring history to life!” In this case, in Germanic culture, the phrase is an invitation both to experience history personally but also to find meaning in individual stories—including one’s own.**

In that spirit, we at TRACES and our sister organization in Germany, Spuren, offer the following stories as historical case studies, where the micro is a stand-in for the macro, where each individual’s own experiences are small pieces in a cosmic mosaic that, as a whole, reflect the collective human journey through time and space. By exploring history, we [re-]live what our ancestors experienced—and, by recording ours, at least in some modest way we might touch the lives of those who will follow us.”

AMEN St. Louis (A Ministry Embracing the Neighborhood) is a mission of Oak Hill Presbyterian Church.