Stations of the Cross Community Art Project

We are thrilled to announce our new community art project for the Easter season. We are going to create our own Stations of the Cross display.

The Way of the Cross has long been a way for Christians to join Jesus on the journey through Jerusalem and beyond. We are inviting you to pick one of the traditional stations and paint it as you might imagine it. To share with our community- both in person and online. (We’ll be making a video of the art to use as part of a short virtual prayer service for Good Friday)

Pastor Erin has put together a resource to help you prepare (download below), that includes some history, the list of stations, and lots of interpretations from all over the world that are accessible online. Please read through those materials first, and then click here to sign up to paint one of the stations. We’re hoping to have all of the art dropped off at church by March 21.