Our Mission Committee Chair, Dena Roper, sent this message last night about the team’s experiences learning and serving in Baltimore so far this week. Mission Committee member Donna Cook shared the photos…

Today was our second day working at the Soaring Eagles camp in Baltimore.  The first day was full of kids coming in and being shy and reserved around these new people who wanted to spend time with them.  The 1st through 6th graders at Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary school were in their space and these strangers were making it weird.  I was the lunch lady.  I see the kids as a large group twice a day.  By lunch time of the first day, they were playing and seemed comfortable and were a joy to watch.  The counselors were bonding with the kids and learning how to lead.  As I passed out veggies and dip some of the kids would ask for specific numbers of things. “Could I have 6 carrots?”  One little girl asked me shyly, and counted to make sure she got all she asked for. On Wednesday we’ll head out for an outdoor experience with science activities, games and hotdogs galore!

An Update From Baltimore
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