Fall Sunday School Classes are BACK!

We had a great first Sunday back in our full schedule:

9:00 am Choir Rehearsal
9:30 am Christian Education for All Ages
10:30 am Worship
11:30-ish Fellowship

Come and join us for this year’s classes:

The Adult Sunday School class is taking a closer look at the PCUSA’s Book of Confessions. The (now) 12 statements of faith that make up a big part of our story of how we do this thing called church. Pastor Erin is teaching this class, with help from our resident expert, the Rev. Dr. Alan Meyers. Bring your own or borrow one of our copies of the Book of Confessions and join us as we dig into the context and theology of each expression of faith and witness. Sundays at 9:30am in the Theleos Room (downstairs). Visitors and first timers are always welcome!

The Children’s Sunday School class is exploring An Illustrated Earth: Celebrating God’s Creation.  Kids will learn and draw their way through biblical stories about water, plants, and animals, using story cards and coloring sheets. Sundays at 9:30am in the Children’s Church room. Visitors and first timers are also welcome here!


Who are we and where are we going?

Over the summer, the session (our congregation’s elected board of leaders) has been in conversation, prayer, and discernment over that very question- who are we and where are we going? How is God calling us to witness to Christ’s love in this time and this place? What is our ministry all about?

We’ve shared and listened, worshiped and prayed, answered questions and jotted down notes, and over these past four months, we started putting some words to it….

worship. love. serve. grow. 

You’ll start hearing these words around Oak Hill more often, but for now, we want to share with you a bit of this work, in it’s beautiful, holy messiness….




Stay tuned…and THANKS BE TO GOD…